The Puppy Nuptials of the Century – A Doggie Affair to Remember

On Saturday, December 4, 2021, a charming couple named Cowboy and Twixie tied the knot in a truly joyful celebration of love in Dallas, TX. What makes this couple so unique? They’re a pair of Brussels Griffons, an adorable toy dog breed named for their city of origin: Brussels, Belgium!

Hypoallergenic, alert, and sensitive, this breed is known for curiosity and a companionable nature. Cowboy and Twixie certainly found lifelong companions in one another. How did this happy couple get together, and what did their wedding day entail?

Where the Love Story Began

Cowboy and Twixie first laid eyes on each other at a Griffon meetup in Palm Beach, FL in February of 2021. It was puppy love at first sight!

With her tawny mane, black ears and muzzle, and sad, expressive eyes, it’s no wonder Twixie instantly diverted Cowboy’s attention. When Twixie caught a glimpse of the stoic, yet cuddly Cowboy, with his distinguished tan coat and espresso-dipped ears, she knew he was the one.

It wasn’t long before a wedding date was set and the pair began searching for suitable Dallas catering companies.

Preparations for Cowboy and Twixie’s Dream Wedding

Planning a major event like a wedding can make you dog tired, so Cowboy and Twixie turned the event planning duties over to the pros at Vestals Catering, who put together a delightful event for 70 guests.

The décor included red and black balloons, a doghouse chapel for the nuptials, a photo booth, and a bellhop bar.

Cowboy and Twixie were stunning in formalwear from Lil’ Pup Shop. Twixie wore a custom gown featuring a beaded bodice and tulle skirt, as well as a train, while Cowboy was decked out in a tux and top hat.

The pups treated guests right with vittles for both human and canine attendees, including a Puppuccino bar, signature cocktails (the Crunk Cowboy and the Tipsy Twixie), and Texas faves like tacos, BBQ, and state fair delights.

Canines enjoyed a natural doggie dinner of white rice, shaved carrots, blueberries, green beans, and shredded chicken.

The affair was certainly one to remember, thanks to Vestals Catering and their commitment to filling every event with beauty, bounty, and joy.

If you’re hosting a wedding or other special event, contact us today to find out how we can make your day as unique and wonderful as you.

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